Under ConstructionHello and welcome to my little space on the web. As you can see it is unfortunately hardly furnished yet, but I have hopes to finish this absolutely new version of my homepage somewhen in the near future.

Until then there actually are some little tidbits of information to be found, mostly about myself and my work at the Department of Physics at Utrecht University.

Also on display are the beautiful images taken by my colleague Claudiu during the 2002 Biophysical Society Meeting in San Francisco (some are featuring yours truely, so don't complain you haven't been warned afterwards!), some snapshots of my 30th birthday party in November 2003 and a lot of photos from my thesis defense (and party).

blinking redblinking redMy newest acquisition is a photo gallery. If you like the images, please feel free to leave a comment!

Finally, you'll also find links to a few places on the net I like to hang out at. All you have to do is to chose one of the links on the left.

Oh, about this last sentence: I know that the link about links doesn't work yet, I'm really sorry. And if there are no links to the left: Please, please, please, do get your system admistrator, local Computer Guru, or whoever is responsible for that kind of thing to install a web browser of version 5 or above, be it Internet Explorer, Netscape Commincator, any Mozilla, or my favourite, Opera.
I am aware of how annoying disclaimers get a new browser, your's too old! can be. Almost as annoying as finding out the hard way that none of the big browswer companies could be bothered to implement standards until version 5!

This is valid HTML-code This homepage uses validated HTML 4.01 Transitional code and CSS style sheets. If you see any funny effects on these pages, it is most probably (a) intended that way or (b) caused by your browsers inability to understand proper HTML. If, after careful consideration, you still insist that it was (c) all my fault, please let me know.